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NEWS: Amanda and Koda are MN's Disc Dog State Champions for 2012!!!!
NEWS: Amanda and Koda are the MNDDC's Club Cup Champions for 2012!!!!
Koda is an 8 year old Australian Shepherd, owned by Amanda, that came from a farm's 'oops' litter in Eyota, MN. Koda is a dog trainer's dream dog ... she loves everything and excels in everything ... she is trained in Obedience, Agility, Dock Diving, Rally, Disc and is just now starting to participate in herding for fun.  She has a long list of accomplishments and titles, as well as being a Canine Good Citizen, a Therapy Dog and has been Temperament Tested through the ATTS. Koda is a very confident, active and people pleasing dog!
Bailey is a 7 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, owned by Amanda, that came from an animal control shelter is IN. Like Koda, Bailey has been cross-trained in many dog activities and sports ... unlike Koda, Bailey is a "jack of all trades, master of none" ... Bailey is less competitive and focused, much more of a free spirit, and just wants to play with anyone who will throw anything for her. Bailey is crazy affectionate and loves to play 'catch me' with her dog friends.  She is also a Canine Good CItizen, a Therapy Dog and has been Temperament Tested through the ATTS.   
Halo is a 3 year old American Pit Bull Terrier, owned by Amanda, that was adopted from Secoundhand Hounds Rescue in Minnetonka, MN.  Halo is completely deaf, blind in one eye, has balance issues and some nerve damage. Amanda was asked to evaluate her quality of life, before deeming her adoptable, but she was just too special to let go ... she quickly became a 'foster failure'.  Halo is extremely dog/cat/kid friendly, always a big hit at dog parks, adored by anyone who meets her and very gentle with everything she does.  Despite her handicaps, Halo knows her basic commands and is working on obtaining her Canine Good Citizen certification.
Honey is a 3 year old Bichon Frise/Mini Poodle mix, owned by Jillian, who came from a litter of an acquaintance's in Rochester, MN.  Honey is the life of the party everywhere she goes. She is very dog friendly and loves cats and kids. Honey is a Canine Good Citizen and is learning the joys of Lure Coursing.
Pixie is a 2 year old teacup Papillion, owner by Jillian, who was adopted from Secoundhand Hounds Rescue in Minnetonka, MN.  Pixie is tiny, at just 4.5 pounds, and can be a little hesitant of large dogs and new people, but warms up to them quickly. She is very food motivated and has a long list of 'cute little dog tricks' to earn her treats every chance she gets. Pixie loves her squeaker toys, playing tug with her dog friends and is a huge cuddler.
Tyde is a 5 year old cat, owned by Amanda, adopted from Camp Companion in Rochester, MN.  Tyde is a petite flame point male who loves to play with dogs, pretty sure he thinks he is one!?  Big dogs, little dogs, doesn't matter ... his 6 extra toes give him an advantage, he will play with them all!
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