Sharper Edge Pet Care -                                  Where your pet in our priority!
Sharper Edge Pet Care offers a wide variety of services! Why have a seperate groomer, dog walker, boarding facility, waste clean up service, etc ... if we can do all those things for you ... all awhile building a great relationship with you and your pets?! We would like your pets to get to know us, to trust us ... so when it comes to leaving the house, someone entering their property or being taken for a bath ... your pets are comfortable and much less stressed!  Choose from just one service or any combination you would like.
Some rates vary per home - as all families are different and have different needs - call or email to discuss personal rates.
Dog Walking:    A 30 minute walk around your neighborhood. Work long days? Does your dog have extra energy to burn off? Have a puppy or new dog that is still working on housebreaking? There are many benefits to having someone come to walk your dog on a regular basis ... these are just a few.  Includes walk, treats, waste pick up, affection and play!  $12 for one dog & $15 for two or three dogs

Dog 'Field Trips':   A trip could include many things: dog parks, doggie playdates, hiking, swimming, long game of catch or frisbee at a local park, dog events, shopping at pet stores, etc. Some dogs just can never get enough exercise or mental stimulation ... it is highly beneficial for a dog to 'get out of the house', go to new places, see and smell new things on a regular basis ... it improves their quality of life immensely! It also plays a huge part in socializing your dog, especially young puppies, can help burn off some of their extra energy, and keep their minds occupied ... in the end making them a happier and calmer dog, with fewer behavioral issues, to share your life with. Trips are a minimum of 1 hour (plus drive time) and can be done on a regular basis or as needed.

Pet Sitting:    We come into your home and care for your pets, as you would, if you were home. 2, 3 or 4 thirty minute visits per day. Include feeding and potty breaks for your pets, dogs are walked midday, loved and played with as if they were our own, as well as anything needed around the house ... watering plants, bringing in the mail, rotating blinds, etc. Overnight stays are also available. Boarding facilities are stressful for most dogs (even worse for most cats) ... they spend their days in kennel runs, sleeping on concrete floors, listening to constant barking from the others around them, usually only get out to potty twice a day ... pet sitting gives you a much more pleasant option for them while you are away.

Pet Nail Trims:    Pets need their nails trimmed on a regular basis. Should be done at least once a month. The more often their nails are trimmed the shorter the quick (vein inside the nail) will get ... resulting in shorter and shorter nails over time. We offer a nail trim package which includes, not only the trim, but also grinding (to smooth off the rough edges and stimulate the quicks even more) and a paw pad shave out (helps reduce the amount of mess your pet will track in from outside and eliminate the possibility for matting in some breeds). Can be done just about any day in your home. $10 per dog
Pet Waste Removal:    Cleaning up and disposing of your pets waste outdoors is probably the least desirable task for most pet owners ... we can do it for you! We will pick it up and dispose of it away from your home, per Olmstead County regulations. We offer once or twice a week rates, as well as one time services, such as the dreaded spring cleanup. First time and one time fees vary, depending on the amount to be removed.
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