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Amanda is a 32 year old woman from Rochester, MN. She has been working in the animal industry for over 7 years ... experience ranging from a dog training facility, veterinarian office, pet store, and a grooming salon ... before founding Sharper Edge Pet Care in 2009. She is the full-time primary pet care provider. While her experience is broad, her true calling is dog training, and has been training professionally for 6 years and is a purely positive trainer. Her dogs have a long list of accomplishments and awards, but like Amanda, their true love is the flying disc, and have traveled the country playing and competing for years. Through working for a veterinarian and a major retail chain pet store, she is very familiar with pet nutrition, medications, training aids and pretty much anything you would need for your pet. She was also trained as an Companion Animal Specialist and is experienced in the proper care of small animal (rodents, ferrets, etc), birds, fish and reptiles. She is pet CPR and first aid certified.  Amanda has also been very active in animal rescue most of her life, started helping care for the cats at Paws and Claws Humane Society as a teenager, and has been fostering and training shelter dogs for over 10 years now.  She has 3 dogs of her own - an Australian Shepherd, a Border Collie mix, and a special needs American Pit Bull Terrier.
Tanya is a 26 year old woman who grew up in Hastings MN. She has been working in the pet industry for over 8 years now. Began in 2004-2008 at Rio Gran Dog Boarding in Hastings. Her responsibilities as a Pet Care Tech included grooming, walking and playing, and general clean up with the dogs on site. She then took a job at a pet store while attending college at Marian University, majoring in Business Management. Once she graduated, she relocated to Rochester, MN and is currently employed as one of the full-time managers of a major pet supplies store. She is certified in Pet First-Aid and CPR. She got married last year and she and her husband currently own two Australian Shepherds.
 Jillian is a 32 years old woman who grew up in Pine Island, MN on a small Hobby Farm, surrounded by sheep, pigs, dogs, cats, etc, her entire childhood. She attended the University of MN (Duluth) majoring in Business Management and moved to Rochester in 2003. Her love and understanding of dogs has grown tremendously in just 3 years with Sharper Edge Pet Care.  She is the kind of person who will always give a pet 'just one more' treat or petting, she will be the one who will throw the ball for a dog until her arm is ready to fall off, and the one who will let a pet steal the covers and pillows on the bed at night. She has two dogs of her own and is also Pet First-Aid and CPR certified.
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